What I like

Ideas. They come from everywhere. Dreams. Books. Dinner. Movies. Movie dinners. That woman’s hair across the street. How does she get it to stand so still? As a society we have too much invested in our hair. But there’s an idea in there, so I’ll take it.

I really like ideas. I would say I love them, but that’s not fair to my wife. I like it when ideas come to me, I like hunting them down, and finding them right where they’ve been all along. I like shaping, scraping, and crafting them. And then starting again. I like putting ideas to work everywhere. Online. Offline. And everything in between. I am an idea slave driver. I like using them to spark memories and connect synapses in the brains of anonymous targeted audiences. I like making a difference in the way people see and interact with the world. Because ideas can do that better than anything else and that’s why I like them so much. But I love my wife.